The Conservatory Temperature Control Solution

Is YOUR Conservatory
HOT in Summer and

too COLD in Winter?



Insulate YOUR Conservatory for All Year Round use. You can Do it Yourself or use one of our approved Conservatory conversion teams


This is the low down, your conservatory looks great, but isn't really much use. Its what you originally wanted but lets be honest, Conservatories are too hot in Summer and too cold in Winter. Now there's a solution that revives your conservatory for all year round use - whatever the weather.

Conservaties lose around 90% of heat generated costing you a small fortune in energy bills - leaving you freezing in Winter and sweltering hot in summer.

The Conservatory insulation specialists (CIS) have developed an insulation system that reflects excessive heat in Summer and keeps more heat in during winter. Our reflective Insulation system has been developed by Ecohome Insulation - experts in maximising energy saving Insulation solutions.

EcoQuilt multifoil Insulation is used to create a reflective thermal barrier

under your Glass and Polycarbonate roof. The CIS Insulation team fit the insulation to the original shape of your conservatory roof. An air gap is created before cladding the underside of your your Conservatory roof with white UPVC interlocking ceiling boards. You will have the look and feel of a brand new conservatory roof. Importantly you will have a fully Insulated roof on your conservatory comfortable to use all year round.

Our pricing policy is simple and as transparent as your Conservatory Windows.  You can book the CIS Conservatory temperature Control solution for most conservatories at our promotion price of £1,995 including VAT.

The promotion price applies to Conservatories with a roof are of up-to 20 square metres providing in a location covered by the CIS Installation team. The CIS recommended Instalation team expect to carry out your Conservatory conversion within one full day.

For conversion prices for all sizes of conservatories click here

To speak to a CIS Conservatory specialist call us on 0871 918 2714

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